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The fastest click

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Andrés, Benjamín and Carlos are three friends who love the game Quickclick which consists of 40 clicks with the computer mouse at the fastest possible speed. Andrés is able to click 20 times in 20 seconds, Benjamin clicks 10 times in 10 seconds and Carlos clicks 5 times in five seconds. Knowing that the time they take is counted from the moment they click on it,

Who will win the QuickClick game?


Andres will be the winner. Andrés makes 19 clicks in 20 seconds (remember that time starts counting on the first click then it will take just over a second to make the second click), Benjamin makes 9 clicks in 10 seconds and Carlos makes 4 clicks every 5 seconds. If we calculate the click-through rate per second we see that Andrés makes approximately 0.95 clicks per second, Benjamin 0.9 and Carlos 0.8 then Andrés is the one who makes the most clicks per second.


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