70 phrases from Anatole France

70 phrases from Anatole France

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Anatole François Thibault (1844 - 1924), known as Anatole France, was a French writer, poet and journalist. Ironic and skeptical, he was considered in his time as the French ideal of letters. He was a member of the Académie Française and won the Nobel Prize for Literature from 1921

For more than twenty years he held various positions, but he always had enough time for his own writings, especially during his period as assistant librarian in the Senate from 1876 to 1890. His literary production is enormous, and although he is known primarily as a novelist and narrator of stories, there is hardly a literary genre that has not touched at one time or another.

Today we have compiled some of his best famous quotes, do not miss them!

Famous quotes from Anatole France

Life is delicious, horrible, charming, frightening, sweet, bitter; And for us it is everything.

I have neither a wife nor children, love or disease, rich and frequent society; I can, therefore, count myself among the happiest.

I admire the degree of ugliness that a modern city can reach.

A society for nothing exclusively by big men would be small and seem sad. Big men cannot suffer each other and have hardly any spirit. It is better to mix with the little ones.

Time must be killed, well looked at this is the only occupation of our life.

Dying is as simple and as acceptable as being born.

We judge human actions not for what they are, but for the disgust or pleasure they cause.

Shyness is a great sin against love.

The truths revealed by intelligence remain sterile. Only the heart is capable of fecundating dreams.

The admirable thing is not that the stars exist, but that man has been able to account for their existence.

Innocence is more often a happiness than a virtue.

We must not tie too much to the perishable goods of this world and we must know how to abandon what is leaving us.

I prefer the errors of enthusiasm to the indifference of wisdom.

Everyone has the age of their emotions.

In everything that surrounds us and in everything that moves us we must warn that chance intervenes.

Morality is the rule of customs.

The future is a comfortable place to place dreams.

Knowing how to suffer suffers less.

One believes that he dies for the country and dies for the industrialists.

You do not truly love yourself but when you love without reason.

A good portrait is a painted biography.

The past is the only human reality. Everything that is is past.

A nonsense repeated by 36 million mouths, is still nonsense.

Utopia is the beginning of all progress and the design of a better future.

A dictionary is a universe in alphabetical order.

The future is hidden behind the men who do it.

What men call civilization is the current state of customs and what they call barbarism are the previous states.

I do not understand that a man marries, to me that a woman commits such madness at an age when we already know what suits us.

The toughest temptations are not produced by the presence of a woman, produced by the image of an absent woman.

It is never given so much as when hopes are given.

Most men who don't know what to do in this life, want another one that never ends.

Without lies humanity would die of despair and boredom.

Irony is the joy and joy of wisdom.

Never be humble with the proud, nor arrogant with the humble.

It is detrimental to consent for another to slavishly perform what we can employ with noble freedom.

It is enough to give a man a rifle with an openwork bayonet so that the one in the belly of the first passer-by and becomes a hero.

Independence of thought is the proudest aristocracy.

All social justice rests on these two axioms: theft is punishable and the product of theft is sacred.

Let's not lose anything from the past. Only with the past is the future formed.

All origins have for us the interest of mystery.

When an illegitimate power is raised, to legitimize it, it is enough to recognize it.

The art of war consists in ordering forces so that they cannot flee.

In art as in love, instinct is enough.

A good critic is one who narrates the adventures of his own soul among the masterpieces.

To ask a moral to science is to risk suffering cruel disappointments.

The true story is that of the maxims and opinions, rather than that of wars and treaties.

Old age leads to an indifferent tranquility that ensures inner and outer peace.

Christianity has done a lot for love making it sin.

One believes that he dies for the country and dies for the industrialists.

Life teaches us that we cannot be happy except at the price of certain ignorance.

All books get tired. Even the favorite books, the ones you reread, tire. Not reading would be a profitable trend if something else could be done.

The artist must love life and convince us that it is beautiful: Without him, we would doubt.

The good critic is the one who tells the adventures of his soul in the midst of the masterpieces.

It is necessary to rise with the wings of enthusiasm. If you reason, it will never fly.

There is no popular government. To govern is to create discontent.

History has taught me that only heroic acts appear in defeats and disasters.

One thing above all makes human thinking suggestive: it is restlessness.

Of all the vices that can spoil a statesman, virtue is the most fatal: it pushes crime.

The authors of revolutions cannot suffer that others do after them.

War and romanticism: frightful plagues!

When you see a beautiful thing, you want to own it. It is a natural inclination that the laws have foreseen.

The public good is formed by a good number of particular evils.

The woman is embellished by the kiss you put on her mouth.

It is not known who enjoys more; if the woman when she marries or the man when she is widowed.

We call those who have a spirit contrary to ours dangerous, and those who do not profess our morals immoral.

Justice is the sanction of established injustices.

If we exaggerate our joys, as we do with our sorrows, our problems would lose importance.

Of all the sexual aberrations, the worst is chastity.

It is not easy to bring down the autocrats, but as soon as they stagger their strongest bras leave them.

Never a man makes another happy. Happiness is an inner spring. Men who have dealt with the happiness of others have made those who have been within reach unfortunate. The best we can expect from an apostle or a hero is that he doesn't realize us and ignore us.