Distribute the sodas

Distribute the sodas

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In a barbecue two long tables have been prepared so that the guests sit down to eat. The following soft drinks have been purchased to distribute:

  • 4 bottles of 1 liter.
  • 5 bottles of 3/4 liter.
  • 6 bottles of 1/2 liter.
  • 5 1/4 liter bottles.

We have to distribute the soda bottles between the two tables, so that each one corresponds to the same amount.

How would you do it?


The total number of bottles is 20, and the amount of soda they add is 12 liters.
We should distribute 6 liters at each table.
Table 1:
. 4 bottles of 3/4 liter.
. 4 bottles of 1/4 liter.
. 2 bottles of 1 liter.

Table 2:
. 1 3/4 liter bottle
. 1 1/4 liter bottle
. 2 bottles of 1 liter.
. 6 bottles of 1/2 liter.


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