50 phrases by Santiago Ramón y Cajal

50 phrases by Santiago Ramón y Cajal

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Santiago Ramón y Cajal (1852 - 1934) was an illustrious Spanish neuroscientist and pathologist specializing in neuroanatomy, particularly in the histology of Central Nervous System. He received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1906, for his theory known as the neuron doctrine, thus becoming the first person of Spanish origin who won a Nobel Prize in science. His original research on the microscopic structure of the brain made him a pioneer of modern neuroscience. Thanks to the Golgi Method for staining neurons that Ramón y Cajal used and even improved, he made great discoveries in the field of anatomy and functioning of brain neurons. Hundreds of his drawings illustrating the delicate arborizations of brain cells are still in use for educational purposes.

Do not miss today some of his best phrases we have compiled for you.

Famous quotes by Ramón y Cajal

Every man can be, if proposed, a sculptor of his own brain.

Vanity pursues us even in the bed of death. We endure it with fortitude because we wish to overcome its terrible greatness and captivate the admiration of the spectators.

The worst thing is not to make a mistake, but to try to justify it, instead of taking advantage of it as a providential warning of our lightness or ignorance.

As long as the brain is a mystery, the universe will continue to be a mystery.

The truth is a corrosive acid that almost always splashes the one who drives it.

Neurons are like mysterious butterflies of the soul, whose beating of wings who knows if one day he will clarify the secret of mental life.

Man is a social being whose intelligence demands to excite the rumble of the hive.

Nothing inspires me more veneration and amazement than an old man who knows how to change his mind.

We complain about friends because we demand from them more than they can give.

When thinking about the limitations of the human spirit, feel something like dejection from the dethroned king, nostalgia, and faintness of the eagle and prisoner eagle.

Sympathy is very often a sentimental prejudice based on the idea that the face is the mirror of the soul. Unfortunately, the face is almost always a mask.

At the bottom of each youth head there is a perfect anarchist and communist.

Move away progressively, without violent ruptures of the friend for whom you represent a means instead of being an end.

Even in the most perfect sciences, some doctrine exclusively maintained by the principle of authority never fails to be found.

As there are talents in the study, there are fools dumbfounded by disuse.

We complain about friends because we demand from them more than they can give.

The art of living a lot is resigning yourself to living little by little.

Reason and convince, how difficult, long and laborious! Influence? How easy, fast and cheap!

Current thing is that vain and presumptuous pretend to possess what they want.

Of all the possible reactions to an injury, the most skillful and economical is silence.

The scholar is the one who leads others to what he has understood.

It is difficult to be a good friend of friends, without being an enemy of equity.

Nothing inspires me more veneration and amazement than an old man who knows how to change his mind.

The elder tends to prosecute today with yesterday's criteria.

It costs no one more than the one who desires much.

There is an infertile and vain patriotism: The one oriented towards the past. Another strong and active: The oriented towards the future. Between preparing a germ and browning a skeleton, who will doubt?

The weak succumb, not because they are weak, but because they ignore that they are. The same happens to nations.

You have no enemies? Did you never tell the truth or never love justice?

Avoid rich and foolish friends and protectors. Shortly after you treat them, you will become their amanuense or their lackey.

There are few bonds of friendship so strong that they cannot be cut by a woman's hair.

Glory, in truth, is nothing more than a postponed oblivion.

There is an infertile and vain patriotism: the one oriented towards the past; another strong and active: the oriented towards the future.

Here is an evidence that is also a norm; the only tonics of the will are truth and justice.

In politics every fool is dangerous as long as he demonstrates his safety with facts.

Friendship disgusts poverty and pain, like plant darkness and rarefied air. If you want to keep friends, hide your hardships and sorrows.

Beauty is a letter of recommendation written by God.

Nothing more radically unfair than the parent. He forgives everything in order to favor his children.

Problems that seem small are big problems that are not yet understood.

The most ignorant and rustic of women can beget a man of genius.

Ideas do not last long. You have to do something with them.

Far from falling down the novice investigator before the great authorities of Science, he must know that his destiny, by cruel, but inescapable law, is to grow a little at the expense of their reputation.

I take pride in never having been among the special clientele of bullfights.

Fortunately, in most cases, the wife gets used to the husband, as he gets used to beer or tobacco.

I reserve the right to think in accordance with my current ideas.

Or you have many ideas and few friends, or many friends and few ideas.

Infinite kinds of fools are known; the most deplorable is that of talkative people determined to show that they have talent.

It has been said very often that the problem of Spain is a problem of culture. It is urgent, indeed, if we want to join civilized peoples, intensely cultivate the wastelands of our land and our brains, saving all the rivers that are lost in the sea and all the talents that are lost in the land for prosperity and exaltation. ignorance.

The wrathful jealousy of some women means, rather than the fear of losing a lover, the suspicion of closing a pocket.

Only the doctor and the playwright enjoy the rare privilege of collecting the inconveniences they give us.

The so-called class or body spirit ordinarily overlaps a refined selfishness. Every honor union is really a trust for the exploitation of others.

We are losing our friends, like our teeth, over the years, not always without pain.

The car of Spanish culture lacks the wheel of science.

Avoid the conversation of those whose word, instead of being work, is pleasure. The great chatterboxes are usually refined selfish spirits, who seek our treatment, not to strengthen sentimental ties, but to be admired and applauded.


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