Mother's age

Mother's age

The riddles of ages are always interesting and exert a certain fascination on young people with mathematical inclinations. They are usually extremely simple but in this problem the data is so scarce and the proposition so different from what is expected that the question is truly alarming.

One of the members of the trio of the illustration turned years. This aroused Tommy's curiosity with reference to their respective ages and in response to his questions the father told him:

“Look Tommy, our combined ages total seventy years. Since I am six times older than you are now, it can be said that when I am twice as old as you, our combined ages will be double what they are now. Tell me if you can tell me your mother's age. ”

Tommy, who was brilliant with the numbers, quickly solved the problem but had the advantage of knowing his own age and could guess with certainty the age of his parents. Our fans, on the other hand, will only have data on the comparative ages of father and son and the surprising question:

How old is the mother?


The mother's age is 29 years and 2 months. Tommy's age is 5 years and 10 months and the father is 35 years old.