The school of sea snakes

The school of sea snakes

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The production of sea snakes has been unusually large this year and many new varieties have been seen in vacation spots next to the scratch. The fables of the Nantucket sailors are more shocking than ever and remarkably original despite referring to such an ancient subject.

The arrival of the camera, however, has disappointed public opinion and has placed the sea snake industry on an essentially commercial basis. Exaggerated tales of old sailors and professionally authenticated log books are no longer accepted unless backed by a series of photographs.

A captain said that while he was sailing in the vicinity of Coney Island, he was surrounded by a school of sea snakes, many of which were blind.

"Three couldn't see with starboard eyes," he reported, "and three didn't see anything on port. Three could see starboard, three could see port, three could see both starboard and port, while three others had both blind eyes. ” So in the logbook it was recorded and swore that "there were eighteen snakes in sight."

But a couple of camera fans who photographed the school of monsters have revealed their negatives in a way that denies the whole story and reduces the number of snakes to the minimum of possibilities.

How many snakes did that school have?

Do you know what a school is?


There were three totally blind snakes and three with both healthy eyes.