Climb in the elevator

Climb in the elevator

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Four rugby players enter an elevator that can carry a maximum of 380 kilos. Paul weighs the most, if each of the others weighs as much as he does, the alarm would stop the elevator. Carlos is the lightest, the elevator could go up to five like him. Ramón weighs 14 kilos less than Pablo and only six less than Jesus weighing 17 kilos more than Carlos. We also know that the weights of Pablo and Carlos are multiples of five.

Can they all go up in the elevator together without the alarm?


The data of the statement tells us that Pablo weighs more than 95 kilos and Carlos no more than 76. Besides that the weights of Pablo and Carlos are multiples of 5. Therefore the only possible solution is that Pablo weighs 100 kilos; Carlos, 75; Ramón, 86; and Jesus, 92 which gives us a total of 353Kg so they can get on the elevator together without problems.