Car psychology what does your car say about you?

Car psychology what does your car say about you?

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A person's car can say a lot about it. Have you ever wondered what the car choice reveals about us? Apparently more than we imagine.

For starters, the type of vehicle, make and model is important. Not only can you indicate the obvious (that is, if you are driving a minivan you are very likely to have a family with children and apparently this can make you "invisible" to the opposite sex), but it can also give some idea of ​​some of your personality traits.

For example, according to experts, if you drive a convertible you are supposed to be a person who likes to be admired, you are full of energy and enjoy outdoor activities. If you drive a sports car, such as a BMW X5 with sports transmission, you like adventure and a certain degree of risk. But it is truly impossible to establish an owner stereotype for each car.

There are even many drivers who enjoy tuning their car, modifying it with Auto Parts to confer some of their own personality through aesthetics and performance, as if it were a true appendix of themselves.

Then, of course, there is the color of the car we bought.

For example, studies show that people who drive black cars are more rebellious, and that black became a 'sexy' and elegant color in the 1980s. Black is also synonymous with luxury, sophistication and power.

Whatever the reason, it cannot be denied that color plays a very important role in sales. Statistically, for 93% of consumers the color and overall visual appearance of the car are the most important factors when buying and 85% say that color is the main reason why they buy a product.

In 2014, white was the most popular option among car buyers in the world, making up 22% of all new vehicles. Silver was not far behind, with 20% and closely followed by black and gray.

Although the idea that the car color It may reflect your driving habits or personality may be a bit doubtful for some, there is some research that supports it.

A 2009 study in the United Kingdom found that black car drivers were twice as likely to be involved in an accident than lighter car drivers, such as whites or cream. Bright colors also tend to be preferred by people who drive cars based on their power. It is no secret that the typical Ferrari is bright red.

Some go so far as to suggest that their color of choice reflects not only your driving habits, but your psyche as well. Several theorists believe that cold and calm drivers prefer silver-colored cars, while those who prefer a simple lifestyle, stability and like to be seen as “fresh”, young and modern people (same as the color of the iPod ), they opt for white, and that pink cars reflect femininity, sweetness and tenderness.

This, however, perhaps this is where the theory begins to crumble. And, for example, in some countries like Japan, pink is considered a very masculine color. For many, it is related to the pink cherry blossom, it is said to symbolize dead warriors.

Car color is an extremely important part of the manufacturing and sales process, which is why most car manufacturers spend countless hours and money to get perfect color options for new models.

What your car color says about you

  • Silver: It is a calm, fresh, elegant, futuristic and possibly individualistic person.
  • White: is someone stable, enjoys a simple life, attends to details and is possibly a perfectionist.
  • Green: is someone trustworthy, traditional and balanced, but can also be lively and sometimes fickle.
  • Brown / beige: It is practical, reliable, grounded and pragmatic.
  • Yellow: He is optimistic, intelligent and young at heart.
  • Gray: calm, mature, dignified and sober personality.
  • blue: show someone who is safe, is calm and reliable.
  • Red: energetic, dynamic personality and has a great passion for life.
  • pink: is sweet, loving and careful.
  • Black: He is conservative, he likes power, he is elegant and professional.
  • Purple: is creative, without fear of stepping out of the norm and likes to be seen as unique.